About Us

You’ve now found the best place to escape the pressures of holding down a real job. Assuming, you presently have a job. If so, you must be aspiring or conspiring to become an authentic trout bum and you need to be amongst your kind before you again start listening to reality. So keep reading.

Don’t worry; your secret is safe with us. Enjoy your virtual safe house alongside your favorite beverage anytime which shouldn’t be difficult if you’re already a trout bum. Even if you’re gainfully employed, at work and on the clock-come join us anyway. What better way to become unemployed fast and find yourself waking up in your automobile parked streamside. The smell of moldy carpet, white gas, and leftover Mac and cheese will alert you to the fact you’ve arrived and you’re now living the dream.

We are an equal opportunity band of angling bums. We don’t discriminate based on your home waters, love of bamboo, glass, or graphite, or whether you fish a dropper or not. To be as clear as a spring creek about it, we appreciate each and every bum, even if your quarry of choice isn’t trout. Remember, you may be an angling bum anywhere there is water- fresh or salt.

So cast a line in with us as often as you like!



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